Welcome to my blog! Why do I care? Why do you care?

The previous blog I had [http://anniesyrowski.blogspot.com] met its purpose. I had wanted to get in the practice of positive thinking by reflecting on three good things that happened during the day, regardless of how insignificant they seemed. It didn’t take long for this exercise to train my brain to find enjoyment in the daily grind.

I also used it as a forum to discuss books I was reading. Sadly, I just wasn’t clever enough to come up with paragraphs and paragraphs of insightful things to say each night that would sustain the life of the blog.

Fast forward to 2013, and I’ve found myself going to bed wishing I had written down more of the random thoughts that came into my head throughout the day. One thing I recently learned – I am most creative when I’m far away from pens and computers. Like when I’m running, for instance. Running doesn’t clear my head. Instead, I feel like my thoughts move faster just to keep up. Another time is when I’m in the shower. I come up with some really good stuff in there.

This space is my attempt to recall as best I can the expressions, ideas, phrases, etc, that I may want to use for writing in the future, and ideally grow as a writer through your comments!

Keep in touch,


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