May 13

Took out the notepad tonight. To breathe some life back into this blog, thought I’d post an excerpt. It’s like I stuck a tube to my head and let the thoughts flow out. Unedited and aimless. Perfect for a Monday.

[In an effort to get ideas for writing, I’m going to start jotting thoughts down before bed. I’ve noticed the homeless man that sits near my stoop gets money and conversation from a surprisingly large amount of people. River North is an upscale neighborhood and you may expect people to be less generous. Not so. I hate the rich = greedy, poor = noble mentality. I also hate the poor = lazy, rich = hardworking mentality.

Not sure how I feel about the city yet. Sometimes I enjoy the anonymity and opportunities to meet new people that I don’t necessarily have to see again, or try a new restaurant every week. I didn’t like when I smelled wet grass last week and it caught me off guard. I already forgot the smell of wet grass.]

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