A Poem

Every once in a long, long while, I’ll take fifteen minutes and crank out a 4-verse, 16-line poem. They come easily and quickly, unlike writing fiction. For some reason, they always have the same structure: four, 4-line verses. I usually feel satisfied after writing sixteen lines.

My poetry is just a journal entry in a ball gown; it’s my real thoughts set to a beat and rhyme scheme. I write poetry when I’m frustrated and want to express myself in a quick and meaningful way.

To me, poetry feels very indulgent – like “it’s so sweet it hurts your teeth.” I tried to minimize the cheese-factor of the poem, but I still feel corny and exposed.

I’m positing it anyways because I’m an advocate for creative self-expression, which often requires a little honesty.


Not in Love

It’s strange when no one loves you

It’s freeing to be alone?

It takes strength and it takes weakness

I feel the weakness more


I can have everyone and no one

All at once but usually not at all

They walk past and I latch on

To a dream and fall


Finding love is like two kissing bullets

It takes up a small space

How will I find it?

Will he know my face?


I find my soul in music

My daydreams offer an escape

But I’ve left a river of heartache

And I’m drowning in its wake

2 thoughts on “A Poem”

  1. I think this is the beauty of poetry. You can express heavy duty sentiments metaphorically with limited words.

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